E. Montparnasse (watchmedestroy) wrote,
E. Montparnasse

sfiff53 must-watch


finally..the lineup for this year's sfiff has arrived! last year was my first attending and viewing and there were a lot of great films, but this year is overabundant with amazing films. honore! jeunet! lynch! green! swinton! schneider! on bart via my palm pre, i went through each film and quickly made my favorite picks: domain, cracks, vengeance, gainsbourg (je t'aime...moi non plus), i am love, to die like a man, transcending lynch, henri-georges clouzot's inferno, susa, lourdes, the loved ones, pirate utopias, la pivellina, making plans for lena, micmacs, solitude standing, and white material. reeeeally doubt i'll make it to all of the films, but when schedules come out april 1st, i'll plan accordingly..
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