E. Montparnasse (watchmedestroy) wrote,
E. Montparnasse

obsession-keira knightley's wardrobe



Whether or not she borrows items from designers..this girl always amazes me with her public appearance wardrobe pieces. Everything she is basically wearing, I want and totally would wear. Except..for the Miu Miu dog skirt in the first picture. That naked lady blouse in the same picture is worth dying for. It is so unique, but elegant at the same time. I tried so hard to locate it..called in the Miu Miu boutiques (even overseas!), but it never even got produced at all! Major bummer.  It was just a runway and PR piece. But once break hits..I'm going to look for places who specializes in custom fabrics and I'm going to see if I can make a similar pattern like the Miu Miu blouse and make a damn blouse just for myself. And with that face, you don't really need too much drama going on your clothes. 
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