E. Montparnasse (watchmedestroy) wrote,
E. Montparnasse

 i know i know i know..haven't posted in ages. a lot has happened since. school is getting curiously harder by the minute. this week was brutal. the combination of being sick with getting up early and lugging heavy photo equipment around is not exactly my idea of a perfect day. i always look forward to friday and working. working is kind of like my relaxing time even though i'm working. i get to clear my head. finally got myself a twitter, but for a valid reason. it's my way of keeping up with MY life. sort of a personal diary/log. just for me...it'd be fun to look back on in the future. plus, i always have many mini moments where i want to record something, so this is perfect. i've been having kind of a mini breakdown this week too. doubting what i am doing now. but i realize that you have to be willing to make mistakes and even look like a complete fool sometimes. you won't always have those good days. i'm dying to already be on break..to break out my skirts and dresses. the day will come..

never give up, never give in, and never let go.
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