E. Montparnasse (watchmedestroy) wrote,
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necessary indulgences

Miu Miu Spring 2010
Left-I've been salivating over that blouse (minus the crinkly upper sleeve) and collar ever since it came out. Sure naked ladies on a blouse sounds extreme but it's done in such a demure and elegant way! 
Right-Those pins! I would wear these on my cardigans and everywhere else! Again with my naked lady fixation..

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Tippi Hedren Barbie!
Ahhh how awesome is this! 

Lips vase, whotelsthestore.com
I have quite a kooky aesthetic, so I wasn't surprised that I would love this. 

The Gentlewoman Issue #1
From the founders at Fantastic Man (a favorite) comes The Gentlewoman! Fantastic idea indeed..and who better to grace its debut cover than Phoebe Philo?

Chloe Eau de Parfum
I feel like this would be one of my signature scents..

Chloe 'Edith' bag
So simple, rough, durable, elegant, sustainable..
One of the perfect bags ever..

Criterion Collection DVDs
The list goes on for how many Criterion DVDs I would like in my ever-expanding library..but these recent two are high on the list. Fassbender and Karina? Yes, please.
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